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ProTECT Protective Sleeving & Tubing

Leading the industry as a high temperature sleeving and tubing provider, ICO RALLY product is used in motors, generators, transformers, electronic devices, wire harnesses, and for various automotive and aerospace applications. In addition to coated and uncoated glass sleeving, ICO RALLY offers tubing, spiral wrap, and monofilament sleeving in several materials, including flame-retardant grades. Many of these products meet military, UL and CSA requirements. Our products are made to detailed manufacturing specifications, and supported with strict quality guidelines.

Protective Sleeving & Tubing

Protective Sleeving & Tubing Products:

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Spiral Wrap TubingSpiral Wrap Tubing

The gripping strength of spiral wrap tubing is enhanced by both its torsional cut and its rigid profile. It retains its strength under repeated flexing and bending and follows wire paths easily, which yields neat, free-running cable bundles. It is extremely useful on long continuous runs where many leads are required. Wires can enter or break out at any point. Spiral wrap can be removed easily for troubleshooting and then re-applied.

  • SWN - Nylon Spiral Wrap Tubing
  • SWP - Polyethylene Spiral Wrap Tubing
  • SWT - Teflon Spiral Wrap Tubing

ICO-FLEX™ Expandable Sleeving

ICO-FLEX Expandable Sleeving

Light weight, self-fitting, monofilament sleevings designed to encapsulate and protect cable bundles and wire assemblies. These expandable sleevings adjust to irregular surfaces and contours, providing abrasion resistance and protection with a minimum of bulk and weight. Polyester ICO-FLEX™ is available in flame retardant (XPF) or non-flame retardant polyester monofilament (XPNF). XPFH is an expandable sleeving produced from light weight Halar Fluoropolymer monofilament. It is ideal for high temperature applications where low outgassing is required.

  • XPF - Polyester Expandable Sleeving (Flame Retardant)
  • XPFH - Halar Expandable Sleeving
  • XPNF - Polyester Expandable Sleeving (Non-Flame Retardant)

Flex Guard Wire Loom

Flex Guard Wire LoomPermits easy, fast installation as a harness protective covering. The loom provides an easy opening seam for quick wire insertion. Since this seam is not permanently sealed, the costs for repair or service is reduced. Made of durable polyethylene, it is a harness covering material resistant to temperature, weather and corrosion conditions. The convoluted surface enhances the appearance of your product by providing a uniform, tailored finish.

  • FGP - Flex Guard Wire Loom

Vinyl TubingVinyl Tubing

These products consist of low cost, flexible, high and low temperature vinyl with excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

  • SLV-40 - General Purpose Vinyl Tubing
  • SLV-105 - High-Temperature Vinyl Tubing

Fiberglass SleevingFiberglass Sleeving

Fiberglass sleeving offers abrasion resistance, cut through resistance, and non-fray ends while maintaining flexibility. Widely used in high temperature applications.

  • SLV-130 - Fiberglass Sleeving With Vinyl Jacket
  • SLV-155 - Acrylic Coated Fiberglass Sleeving
  • SLV-1200 - Fiberglass Sleeving

Teflon TubingTeflon Tubing

Teflon tubing offers mechanical and electrical protection in high temperature applications. This product will not absorb moisture, has a low coefficient of friction, and carries the chemically inert properties of Teflon.

  • STL - Extra Thin Wall Teflon Tubing
  • STS - Standard Wall Teflon Tubing
  • STT - Thin Wall Teflon Tubing
  • STH - Heavy Wall Teflon Tubing

Tubing Repair ProductsTubing Repair Products

General purpose sleeving repair products used where flexibility, tear resistance, abrasion, and electrical insulation is required.

  • SLW-ALFG - Heat Shielding Repair Product
  • SLW-ALPU - Emi/Rfi Shielding Repair Product
  • SLW-PVCP - Reinforced Repair Product

download Protective Sleeving & Tubing catalog